Personal Finance Management

Training in personal finance management provides individuals with essential knowledge and skills to effectively manage their financial resources.

This training equips participants with the tools to make informed financial decisions, plan for the future, and achieve financial security and stability.

By understanding key concepts and strategies related to personal finance, participants can develop sound financial habits and work towards their financial goals.

Training Overview

By completing this training in personal finance management, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions, set and achieve financial goals, and secure their financial future.

You will develop the ability to effectively plan and budget, save and invest, manage risks and liabilities, and prepare for retirement. This training empowers you to take control of your financial life and work towards long-term financial stability and prosperity.

What will be covered:

Planning & Budgeting:

This unit focuses on the importance of financial planning and the development of a personal budget. Participants learn how to assess their current financial situation, set financial goals, and create a realistic budget. They gain skills in tracking expenses, managing debt, and making informed financial decisions aligned with their goals.

Saving & Goal Setting:

In this unit, participants learn strategies for effective saving and goal setting. They explore different savings methods, such as emergency funds, short-term savings, and long-term investments. Participants also learn how to establish achievable financial goals and create a plan to reach them.

Risk & Liability Management:

Understanding and managing financial risks is crucial for personal finance management. This unit covers concepts related to insurance, risk assessment, and protection against financial liabilities. Participants learn about different types of insurance, such as health insurance, life insurance, and property insurance, and how to make informed decisions regarding coverage.

Investing & Generating Passive Income:

This unit introduces participants to the fundamentals of investing and generating passive income. Participants learn about different investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. They gain an understanding of investment strategies, risk tolerance, and diversification to build wealth and generate passive income streams.

Retirement & Pension:

Planning for retirement is an essential aspect of personal finance management. In this unit, participants learn about retirement savings options, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs), employer-sponsored pension plans, and other retirement investment vehicles. They gain insights into retirement planning strategies, estimating retirement needs, and maximizing retirement income.

personal finance management

Who this course is for:

Personal finance management training is valuable for individuals from all walks of life who seek to improve their financial literacy and take control of their financial well-being.

It is particularly relevant for young professionals starting their careers, individuals seeking to enhance their financial management skills, and anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of personal finance.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals responsible for managing finances within households or organizations can also benefit from this training.

Training Details

  • Online.
  • Distance Learning.
  • Physical sessions on request
  • Open to everyone
  • Basic IT skills are essential
  • Have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to the internet
  • Dedicate 2 hours a week (or a day) to learning online via Google Meet
  • A modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

You don’t need any experience with WordPress or with building a website and No Coding Skills required

Course content requirement:

  • 20 hours

Regular learning:

  • 2 hours per week for 10 weeks.

Accelerated program:

  • 2 hours per day for 2 weeks.

Assessments per module covered.

Final Assessment at completion of the program.

Project to evaluate your understanding.

If successfully completed, you will be awarded a certificate by Beta Care Training Institute.

Cost: 10k Per person (discount for groups of more than 5 people)

The fees should be paid by Direct Deposit to:

  • Bank: Co-operative Bank
  • Branch: Githunguri
  • Account name: Beta Care Training Institute
  • Account no: 1192538722900

You can also pay via Lipa na M-Pesa; Paybill

  • Business number: 400222
  • Account number: 7229#ID No


Please call 0708177909 for more information. 

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